Making Healthy Fitness a Priority

Our Story

A Better Body Rocks began as a small, local-based, family-run business specializing in health and wellness.  We have since grown and expanded to include consultation with individuals and groups on a global basis.  A Better Body Rocks focuses efforts on building a better fit and more active community, one household at a time.  Each person that comes to us is given one-on-one personal attention to develop a plan-of-action specifically designed with their needs & goals in mind. We are as dedicated to health & wellness, as we are to education & safety. There is no better path to being optimally fit than through wellness education, nutrition, and exercise, backed with encouragement.  From inquires about individuals or groups, to our Blue Zone Healthy Home program, we strive to make fitness a priority.  For us, that is what it is all about.



Kelsey Connor


Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Kat Connor

 A Better Body Rocks

Health & Wellness Consultant