MAHALO: “Thank you”, as a way of living.  Live in thankfulness for the richness that makes life so precious.


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Sometimes making a lifestyle change is like jumping into a cold pool.  First you have to make a commitment to action. Then, you have to suck-it-up and give it your best shot.  The foundations for a healthy lifestyle are important, just like laying the foundations for reading or mathematics, once you learn the basics, the rest just flows into place - easy peasy. [Read More Here]
Portion control is nothing new. We have utilized this smart tool for years. I learned from my dad, who practiced this lifestyle most of his adult life. Little meals throughout the day. Today it is all the rage, "intermitent fasting" -  [Read More Here] As we said, diets and fads come and go and have been since ancient times. Healthy living is about making choices and making changes in the way you think and do. Wellness & Nutrition? This isn't complicated. KISS - keep it simply smart. Re-train your mind and body to be healthy.
There is no better way to relax and take the stress of the day away than with a massage of oils.  While it would be dreamy to have our own personal massage therapist, who really has the time or the money to afford the luxury of private aromatherapy massage every day? Instead, use difusers to fill your home with wonderful aromas and rollers to massage oils & oil blends onto your pressure points [reflexology] to relieve stress, improve mood, take the edge off of headaches, and get a. better night of sleep [misters are a must for your pillows & linens. Ask your spouse/partner to massage your neck, back, and feet. And, if you are able to schedule a session with a massage therapist, do it! It is amazing!  [Read More Here]
If you have not yet read The Blue Zones, you should [read more here].  Fitness is not only having a good physique.  Being fit & healthy includes your mind, body, spirit, and environment.  Granted we can only do so much to the larger picture of the the envrionment around our home, but the environment of our home is in our control and that is where we begin.  [Read More Here]